Wheel Renew

Wheel Renew is our highly effective, non-acid based wheel cleaner that removes dirt, grime and tough brake dust from your wheels. It's color changing formula activates as it breaks down and removes brake dust.
  • Description
    While Wheel Renew is extremely effective in removing dirt and grime, it really shines in removing brake dust from wheels. Brake dust can sometimes be the hardest contaminant to remove from your wheels because of how it bonds to a wheel's surface. One of the active ingredients in Wheel Renew is Sodium Thioglycolate, which is what activates and turns brake dust purple on contact.
    Product Features:
    Wheel Renew is the perfect solution for high performance vehicles and brakes because of it's effectiveness to remove stubborn dirt, grime and brake dust.
    • Safe for all wheel types (chrome, painted, clear coated, aluminum, steel, alloy)
    • Color changes from green to purple as it works
    • Made as a non-acid pH balanced cleaner
    • 100% Made in the USA