Quick Shine & Graphene Protect Kit

Looking for the most cost effective way to give your vehicle that showroom shine while protecting it? Look no further, our Quick Shine & Protect Kit was made just for you. This kit is perfect for those who don't have hours to detail their vehicles. This kit features:

Super Shine (16oz 2 Pack) - This is our quick touch up detail spray. It was formulated with highly concentrated gloss enhancers to give your vehicle the highest shine possible. The best part about this product (in addition to the shine), is how easy this product is to use. It can be used in direct sunlight and will not streak, it works in just seconds. It can also be layered on top of ANY other product (waxes, sealants or coatings).

Graphene Detailer (16 oz) - Our cutting-edge, graphene oxide based detail spray that pairs unmatched levels of gloss, slickness and protection with advanced hydrophobic properties. It works as a perfect solution in rejuvenating coated vehicles but also has the ability to product exceptional results as a super durable stand alone sealant. Works on virtually any exterior surface (paint, chrome, plastic, and glass).

Premium Grade Microfiber Towels (3) - These 365 GSM towels were designed to be highly efficient at buffing of our detail sprays and coatings. They will help you remove excess product to ensure no streaks are left behind.