Shield Shampoo + Drying Towel (24x36)

Shield Shampoo

Shield Shampoo is the best way to wash a vehicle that's protected by Ceramic Shield or Ceramic Pro 9h. Instead of breaking down the protection you have on your car like most soaps would, Shield Shampoo contains Silica and will help build the protection back up.

Shield Shampoo can be used with a foam cannon or by hand washing. 

One bottle is good for 8 - 10 washes. (dilution instructions on bottle)

Drying Towel

This twisted loop towel is the most absorbent drying towel on the market - capable of holding 9 times it's weight in water. Now you can dry you entire car with 1 towel without having to ring it out. 

The super soft twisted loop microfibers won't scratch your vehicle or leave behind residual water that will cause streaking or water spots.

This towel is highly durable and can be washed 100s of times without any loss in performance (always wash on low heat).


  • 100% MADE IN THE USA


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