Ultimate Polishing & Pad Kit

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The ultimate paint polishing kit, including everything you need to tackle jobs from aggressive paint correction, to light polishing. The diminishing abrasives in the Quick Cut Compound and Precision Polish give you the ability to quickly and accurately get any paint correction job done.

Pad Size

  • 100% MADE IN THE USA


The ExoForma 3 Step Polishing System

Using ExoFormas 3 Step Polish System is an incredibly quick and easy way to remove defects from any paint finish and leave it with a insanely high level of gloss. From doing a full 3 stage paint correction, to doing a light polish, this system will provide you with all the products needed to get perfect results every time.

How Do Diminishing Abrasives Work?

Both Quick Cut Compound and Precision Polish contain diminishing abrasives which give you a few different advantages. How they work, is there are small abrasive particles in the polishing liquids. These are taking tiny chips away at the clear coat, removing the rough edges of the visibile defects. When using abrasives that diminish, they start out large and slowly become smaller as you work. This gives 2 great benefits. First, it will stop you from cutting through too much clear coat. As they will be very agressive at first, once they start to break down, they will have much less cutting power. The second benefit is as the abrasives begin to diminish, they will polish out their own marring, almost like using another product afterward.

What's in the Kit


Quick Cut Compound

This product is great for the first step in a 3 stage paint correction, severe defect removal, and removal of oxidation. The very high cutting power allows you to remove scratches up to 1000 grit quickly and effectively. The diminishing abrasives allow you to get the job done quick without sacrificing too much clear coat. As the abrasives begin to break down, they will begin to self polish their own marring, leaving you with a much cleaner finish than if the abrasives didn't diminish.

Precision Polish

This polish is very versatile and can be used in different situations including removing swirls and etching. Also containing diminishing abrasives, the finish from this product will become cleaner and cleaner as the working time increases. In some situations, depending on the hardness of the clear coat, Precision Polish can be used for finishing.

Mirror Finish

Containing ulta-fine abrasives, this is great for removing very light swirling, holograms, and hazing left behind from polishing. When used in the ExoForma 3 Step Polishing System and paired with our Red Finishing Pad, Mirror Finish will always leave your paint with a cystal clean and vibrant reflection that's free on holograms.


Green Cutting Pad

  • Very firm, high strength cutting pad
  • Large pores to remove deep defects and maintain a cool temperature
  • Matches great with Quick Cut Compound.

Yellow Polishing Pad

  • Semi-soft foam that can be used for cutting or finishing
  • Very pliable and easy to use around curved areas
  • Matches great with Precision Polish

Red Finishing Pad

  • Super soft foam used for finishing or applying waxes/sealants
  • Very durable and won't break down from overheating
  • Matches great with Mirror Finish
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Josh y.
United States United States
Killer product!

I am a amateur at best and had a very easy time using this kit to shine up my wife's 2015 sonata. Absolutely would recommend to anyone.

Tim A.
United States United States

This was my first time polishing like this, but after watching the demo video I was convinced I could do it and I tell you my car looks so much better. I used all three stages and it came out near perfect. Great product that I will stick with..

The S.
United States United States
Best 3 step available

As the title says - best 3 step kit available. Results are amazing. Worth every penny.

Tyler .
United States United States
Excellent results

I finally got a change to use all three products this past weekend. Crazy difference in how new the paint looks. Doesn’t sling around like other products I’ve used. Will be buying again.

ExoForma Ultimate Polishing & Pad Kit ReviewExoForma Ultimate Polishing & Pad Kit ReviewExoForma Ultimate Polishing & Pad Kit ReviewExoForma Ultimate Polishing & Pad Kit Review
Tyler .
United States United States
Excellent product

I love this stuff. I used all three products for the first time last week and end result was crazy different. Product doesn’t sling around like some other brands I’ve used either.

ExoForma Ultimate Polishing & Pad Kit ReviewExoForma Ultimate Polishing & Pad Kit Review

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