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Ultimate Winter Protection Kit

Looking for the best way to fully protect your vehicle this winter? This DIY kit is just for you. Being located in Columbus, OH our vehicle's see some pretty hard conditions (snow, grime, road salt, etc) that's why we put this specific kit together to help protect your vehicle this winter and beyond. This kit includes:

Graphene Spray Coating (8 oz) - This newly released coating provides up to 1 year of protection, but most importantly it will be your first line of defense against winter grime and road salt. Unlike water based sealants, this solvent based coating will actually form a layer of glass like protection over your vehicle's surface. This provides extra levels of protection and durability, especially during harsh conditions. It will also give your paint an extreme depth of shine and hydrophobic properties.

Graphene Detailer (16 oz)  - This graphene oxide based detail spray makes for the perfect rejuvenation product for your Graphene Coating. It's water based formulation makes it easy to apply to an existing coating to help bring it's protection, shine and hydrophobic properties back to life as they become weathered over time. It can also be used as a stand alone sealant that provides up to 6+ months of protection.

Premium Grade Microfiber Towels (5) - These 365 GSM towels were designed to be highly efficient at buffing of our detail sprays and coatings. They will help you remove excess product to ensure no streaks are left behind.

  • 100% MADE IN THE USA


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