DOTW - The Wheel & Tire Combo Kit

We're back with our DEAL OF THE WEEK!  This week's deal focuses around Wheel and Tire care, featuring two of our most popular products: Our 2 in 1 Wheel & Tire Cleaner with our solvent-based Tire Shine. Their product features are:

Wheel & Tire Cleaner
ExoForma Wheel & Tire Cleaner quickly rose to our best selling Wheel/Tire care product. It's highly effective cleaning formula can be used on your wheels, tires and undercarriage, making it a no brainer for your detailing arsenal. It can be diluted 1:1 with great results as well.

Tire Shine
Our popular selling, solvent based tire dressing. This is a great versatile Tire Shine, that can give you a higher shine or matte shine (depending on application). What makes this product so great is that it's solvent based, meaning you are going to get extended durability from it (2-4 weeks). 

*Also comes with a premium Large foam Applicator (to apply Tire Shine) and a premium Wheel Brush!


  • 100% MADE IN THE USA


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