Ultimate Car Care Kit

The ultimate car detailing kit! Includes the following:

Graphene Detailer (16oz)

Our new, graphene oxide based spray sealant/detailer. It combines increased durability, slickness and gloss all into one new formula.

Wet Tire Dressing (16oz)

Easy to use, water based tire dressing specially formulated to give your tires that high-gloss "wet" tire look.

Complete Interior (16oz)

An all in one interior solution. It cleans virtually all interior surfaces including leather, vinyl, plastic, dashboards, navigation screens and more. 

Super Foam Soap (16oz)

Creates enormous amounts of foam and suds. The highly lubricated formulation encapsulates dirt and grime while lifting them away from the surface.

Wheel & Tire Cleaner (16oz)

The perfect go to cleaner for tires and wheels. It's spray foaming application makes it great for quick area coverage and helps in removing dirt and grime.

Super Shine (16oz)

The ultimate detail spray that adds a high level of gloss and shine to your vehicle. It's easy to use, streak-free formula will not smear in high heat and humidity.

Prep Spray (8oz)

Isopropyl Alcohol based formulation that contains specific cleaners and surfactants that safely prep your vehicles surface.

Microfiber Wash Mitt

Premium extra plush microfiber is the safest and easiest way to wash your vehicle without scratching it.

Mega Drying Towel

Capable of holding 9 times it's weight in water. Now you can dry your entire car with 1 towel without having to ring it out. 

Wheel & Tire Cleaning Brush

This medium strength, 8 inch brush is perfect for use in cleaning / scrubbing of your wheels and/or tires.

ExoForma 3.5 Gallon Bucket

What kit wouldn't be complete with a wash bucket to help mix your products and clean your ride!


  • 100% MADE IN THE USA


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