Complete Interior Cleaner Kit

The interior of our vehicle's are often neglected because of the extra time needed to clean them. Kids, pets, relatives and friends all contribute in making it look like a mess over time. Due to the different types of surfaces in your vehicle (leather, plastic, carpet, vinyl, etc) it historically needed a plethora of cleaning products, until now. Introducing our Complete Interior Cleaner Kit, that cleans and protects virtually every surface in your vehicle. This bundle includes:

Complete Interior (16 oz) - This is our #1 interior product we sell. This product makes cleaning so many surfaces SO easy. It cleans plastic, rubber, leather, vinyl and even navigation screens! In addition to it's cleaning properties it also provides UV inhibitors to help prevent fading and cracking on your interior surfaces (leaves a matte finish). It finishes it's job with odor encapsulators that make your interior smell like a fresh batch of laundry (fresh linen scented!).

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (16 oz) - Released just this year, we finally perfected a carpet cleaner that is HIGHLY effective while being completely safe for natural and synthetic fibers. It safely lifts dirt from your carpet and fabric of your vehicle within seconds which can then be wiped away. It also makes the perfect carpet cleaner for around the house (especially for those with kids and pets!).

Premium Grade Microfiber Towels (3) - These 365 GSM towels were designed to be highly efficient at buffing of our detail sprays and coatings. They will help you remove excess product to ensure no streaks are left behind.