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Graphene Detailer is our new, graphene oxide based spray sealant/detailer. It combines increased durability, slickness and gloss all into one new formula.


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Customer Reviews
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    ralph r.
    United States United States

    Great product

    Easy on easy off

    ExoForma Graphene Detailer Review
    Thomas V.
    United States United States

    Simply Awesome!

    I’ve been using pretty much almost most of the line of everything from paint rejuvenation to compounds you name it waxes detailing things etc. etc. but I used Graphine on my personal X5M and / The paint flip-flops in light or dark weather depending sometimes it’s black sometimes it’s blue (Dark Blue) - this just makes a nice suv or EVERYTHING BETTER- Unbelievable depth of gloss - this picture is just me quickly going over the car in a parking lot in the evening it’s just mind blowing how good this is, I recommend it to everyone! You guys never fail to surprise me Thank you ….

    ExoForma Graphene Detailer ReviewExoForma Graphene Detailer ReviewExoForma Graphene Detailer ReviewExoForma Graphene Detailer Review
    Greg D.
    United States United States

    Graphene Rocks ot.

    I use only and probably all Exoforma products after discovering them about a year ago. I could not be happier with the results each and every produce provides. If “proof is in the putting” then put some on your vehicles and learn the lesson, EXOFORMA is the BEST! Graphene is another addition to a stable of great products and love the results. Use as directed or apply to affected area. LOL! The pix are of my 2017 Nissan Murano with the basic ceramic coat then Graphene on top. Pix taken in my garage due to bad weather. This shine is after three days of driving!!! Can any other product top that; I don’t think so.......

    ExoForma Graphene Detailer ReviewExoForma Graphene Detailer Review
    T. Schultz
    United States United States

    Better than ceramic

    I've used exo ceramics on my vehicles for about 2 years. I bought this with a little hesitation only because exo ceramics has done such a good job. This new graphene is so impressive. Its so much easier to put on and take off. Absolutely NO streaking, which is a huge time saver. Thanks Exo'

    ExoForma Graphene Detailer Review
    Jason B.
    United States United States

    Another great product!

    I have been using Exoforma cleaning and detailing products for a while now, mostly the ceramic stuff, which have all worked great. Figured I'd check out the Graphene detailer and wow! It leaves the truck super smooth and slick. The dry microfiber cloth I was using slid right off the hood! The shine/reflection seems better than ceramic so far too. I put 2 coats on, waiting a few days in between applications. Curious to see how it holds up to the rest of the New England winter. I have tried some of the similar products from a few of the big name brands you can easily pick up in store, but none compare. If you are looking for a easy/inexpensive way to get your vehicle looking great, definitely give this stuff a try!

    ExoForma Graphene Detailer ReviewExoForma Graphene Detailer ReviewExoForma Graphene Detailer Review
    United States United States

    A must have!

    This is the best product I’ve ever used to put the finishing touches on my already ceramic coated vehicles. I love the ceramic quick detail spray but this is a whole other level of awesome. The Pa winter months are hard on the appearance of your vehicle. After quick wash and dry, this graphene detailer left my car and truck looking like a mirror all over again. I also run a mobile detailing business and stopped by a few of my client’s garages to have them test it out. They were amazed at how slick the finish is just from a spray and wipe product. Really happy with this guys!

    ExoForma Graphene Detailer ReviewExoForma Graphene Detailer ReviewExoForma Graphene Detailer ReviewExoForma Graphene Detailer Review

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