Graphene Spray Coating

ExoForma Graphene Spray Coating is our new advancement in spray coatings. Utilizing reduced graphene oxide technology it boasts the same characteristics as our Ceramic Spray Coating but at a higher level.

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  • Description
    One of the products we've been most excited to release, our Graphene Spray Coating is a game changer because it bridges the gap between our water based Graphene Detailer and our professional grade 10H Graphene Coating. It allows for the user to get the benefits of a true coating with a super user friendly application. It gives you up to 10 minutes (condition dependent) to wipe the coating off to avoid unwanted high spots, making proper application a breeze.
    Product Features:
    In addition to the ease of use with our Graphene Spray Coating it also gives an increase in durability, hydrophobics, gloss and slickness.
    • Provides up to 14-18 months of protection
    • Easy to apply formulation
    • Higher depth of gloss and slickness
    • 100% Made in the USA