Ceramic Quick Clean

Ceramic Quick Clean is an SiO2 (silica) infused Waterless Wash. It combines the ease of use and cleaning capabilities of a Waterless Wash but is matched with enhanced gloss and added SiO2 protection.
  • Description
    Unlike a regular Waterless Wash, Ceramic Quick Clean is an SiO2 (silica) infused formula. Widely used on vehicles with ceramic coatings to help rejuvenate their existing coatings while cleaning, Ceramic Quick Clean can also provide protection as it cleans to non ceramic coated vehicles as well. In addition to it's high lubricity it leaves behind a layer of protection that will increase water beading properties on your vehicle's surface.
    Product Features:
    The best part about Ceramic Quick Clean is that you don't need water or a hose. Simply spray on and wipe off to a clean, glossy finish. It makes for the perfect quick touch up for lightly dirtied vehicles.
    • Special SiO2 infused Formula
    • Quickly removes light dirt and dust
    • 2 in 1 Wash & Protect Formulation
    • 100% Made in the USA