Shine All Dressing

ExoForma Shine All is our versatile, water-based dressing and protectant that leaves your surface (Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber) restored with a high shine.



  • Description
    Our Shine All dressing is great because it provides a high shine finish that can be used on multiple surfaces. Unlike solvent based products that will cause damage to your plastic/trim, Shine All is water based and won't cause harm. It's versatile use makes it a great product to renew that high shine to your tires and trim with a single product.
    Product Features:
    In addition to a great shine that it provides to tires this product also does a fantastic job at restoring faded black trim and plastic pieces. It can also leave behind a more natural shine is wiped down once applied.
    • Leaves surface with a high shine
    • Versatile, multi surface use product
    • Won't sling up on your paint
    • 100% Made in the USA