Windshield must be completely clean before application. Any cleaner residue, dirt, oils, or other sealant products on the windshield prior to application will greatly reduce the performance of the product.



Prep and application of ExoForma Hydro3 glass coating are EXTREMELY important to ensure the durability and performance of the product. To start make sure your windshield is completely clean and free of dirt, oils or other glass treatment products.

Working in a straight line, start at the top of your windshield on one side and glide the product from top to bottom, while squeezing the bottle to disperse the product. Continue until half the windshield has been covered.

Now working in the opposite direction glide the product left to right on the same part of the windshield. This "cross hatch" application ensures durability and complete coverage.

After that half is complete, start on the other half of your windshield and apply the same way. Let product sit on the windshield for 2 minutes before buffing off with a clean microfiber towel.

Common Issues

Hazing or foggy

The most common issue with Hydro3 is not being able to completely wipe the product off. This happens when the product is left on the windshield for too long. It is recommended that the product is left on the windshield for 2-3 minutes and that you work one half of the windshield at a time to avoid avoid this. With enough elbow grease, the product will eventually wipe off. If you are having trouble, put some warm water or glass cleaning product on a microfiber towel and continually wipe the foggy area until it shows clear.

Product freezing

Hydro3 Glass Coating absolutely must be applied in temperatures above 40ยบ fahrenheit. Failure to do so will result in the product not properly adhering to the windshield.

Low product longevity

If Hydro3 Glass Coating wears off after a few weeks, that means the windshield wasn't completely clean when applied. Applying Hydro3 Glass Coating over another glass sealant product will result in Hydro3 only lasting as long as the product is was applied over top of. 

In order to get the most out of Hydro3, it must be applied to a bare windshield. Also, it is common for windshield wiper fluid to contain very weak sealant products. Those products must be removed from the windshield before you can apply Hydro3.