The Ultimate Wash Kit

This Ultimate Wash Kit is the perfect solution to keeping ALL exterior parts of your vehicle clean. It has you covered on every surface from A to Z. Here's what this bundle includes:

Glass Cleaner - Our newly SiO2 infused glass cleaner provides a crystal clear, streak free finish. Since it's now SiO2 infused, it leaves behind a small layer of protection that makes water bead and fall of your windows. It's also ammonia free! (safe for tint).

Citrus Cleaner - Our "do it all" product. This product works great on LOTS of different ranging from your wheels / tires all the way to your counter tops! Where it accelerates the most is in your engine bay. It's formulated with D-Limonene (orange peel extract) to make it a SUPER effective degreaser that removes grime accumulations from hard to clean areas like engine bays.

Super Foam Soap - The name explains it all and it does not disappoint. This highly concentrated formulation provides an extremely high level of foam in foam cannons, foam guns or buckets to encapsulate and remove dirt safely from your vehicle's surface. It's also pH neutral so that it will not degrade any coatings, waxes or sealants when being used.

Wheel & Tire Cleaner - Quickly becoming our go-to product for every surface below the paint. It's highly effective, non-acid formula effectively removes dirt, grime and break dust with ease. It can be used on your Wheels, Tires AND wheel wells making it a highly versatile and economical product for your arsenal.