Tire shine that lasts up to 1 year.

Spend less time appying TIRE ShINE

Applies in as little as 20 minutes. Lasts up to one year, you'll spend less time applying tire shine.

Our water-based formula is acrylic infused to better protect your shine from wear and tear.

Creates a protective shell over your tirethat won't crack or flake over time.



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  • Shine lasts up to 1 year

  • Completely dry, sling-free formula

  • Wash & rain resistant

  • Non-stick formula repels dirt

Got questions? we got answers.

How do I apply PermaShine?

IMPORTANT: Tires must be properly washed and cleaned of all other tire care products and debris before applying PermaShine. Having very clean tires will allow PermaShine to properly adhere to the tires and increase the longevity of the product.

  1. Liberally pour PermaShine onto a block microfiber applicator.
  2. Thoroughly rub the saturated applicator into the wall of the tire. Move the applicator in different directions to ensure that PermaShine gets into all of the cracks and crevasses of the tire.
  3. Allow 30 minutes for PermaShine to dry. Make sure the product doesn't pool or bubble on any areas of the tire by dabbing them with the applicator. Do not allow contact with water for 24 hours.
  4. Optional: Apply a 2nd coat after waiting 30 minutes for a higher shine finish that lasts even longer!

If any PermaShine gets onto the wheel be sure to wipe off with a clean microfiber towel as quickly as possible.

How long does a coat last?

There are a lot of variables that can determine how long a coat of PermaShine will last. Most people experience between 6 months and a year depending on how many miles you drive, what the driving conditions are, and if PermaShine was applied correctly.

Following our application directions and applying PermaShine to a properly cleaned tire will give you the best results!

How many tire applications are in a 8oz bottle?

How long a bottle lasts can vary greatly depending on how thick of a layer you put on and how much surface area the wall of your tires has. One 8oz bottle can be enough to coat as many as 30 tires or as few as 8 depending on the mentioned variables.

Does PermaShine have a high-shine or satin finish?

Permashine will naturally have a high shine finish but it is very easy to get a satin finish, if that's what you prefer. Wiping the tire with a clean, dry microfiber towel immediately after application is finished will provide you with a satin finish.

Will PermaShine sling onto my car paint?

No. It is virtually impossible for PermaShine to sling. PermaShine is a hard shell acrylic coating that changes from a liquid state to a solid state within an 60 minutes of applying.

Does dust or other debris stick to PermaShine?

No! PermaShine's acrylic coating prevents debris such as dirt and dust from sticking to the tire.

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