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ExoForma Fabric Protectant is the perfect product for protecting virtually any type of fabric. It works great on convertible tops, cloth seats, carpet, and more.

  • Description
    ExoForma Fabric Protectant penetrates deep and provides a protective barrier to most fabrics, including cloth seats, carpet, convertible tops, furniture, etc. It will help repel water, stains, grime and spots from accumulating. It additionally helps make the cleaning process much easier.
    Product Features:
    Quick application combined with added protection makes Fabric Protectant one of our most popular interior products.
    • Applies quickly and easily
    • Makes cleaning process quicker
    • Repels water, stains and grime
    • 100% Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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    EDDIE B.
    United States United States
    fabric protectant

    worked out great

    LOUIE D.
    United States United States
    Works better than competitors

    I have 2 soft top convertible cars. They live outside, so I need to spray them with protection to keep them looking like new. I am unsure if this product provides UV protection, as it doesn't make any claims that I saw. But it does help to bead water. I have 303 and Chemical Guys protection that has UV protection stated, but neither seems to last long, nor do they bead water. So I have been treating with one of them, then the Exforma on top to seal it on.

    ExoForma Fabric Protectant Review
    Fabric protection on boat seats

    I tried Exforma fabric protection , F11 and 303 as protection on my boat seats. There is no comparison. F11 and 303 made it slightly easier to get stains off but I still had to scrub. Exforma provided a layer that just repels ! The Exforma product is far superior. Most of the stuff that would cause stains, just bubbled up and all you have to do is easily wipe it off. I dont yet know the longevity of the product as I have only had it on for two weeks but so far it is a high recommend. The Exforma fabric protection is on a totally different level than the other two. My only suggestion for exforma is to provide a demo video on how to apply on a smooth surface like boat seats. I sprayed it on but coverage seemed uneven so I took a small cloth and smoothed it out so it dried evenly. I'm not sure if that's the recommend application but it worked great. I will be buying more when I notice that the protection starts to break down.

    Brad c.
    United States United States
    Got this yesterday

    Just got this yesterday. I tried it out on a paper towel to test it before i used it on my car. I let it sit overnight and was able to submerge it in water this morning for about a second and it came out dry. Works good but discolored the paper towel a little. I plan on using on black carpet and seats so this doesn't bother me but you might want to test a small spot first.

    James R.
    United States United States
    Fabric Protector

    We applied to our convertibles roof and it did a nice job of rejuvenating the top

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